How The Interview Process Works:

Our interview process begins with you initially expressing an interest in our  PDP program.  A path to become a licensed insurance professional with something most new agents never get to experience....SALES.

1.  Once you complete the initial online application on this very page we    

      will review and be able to determine your eligibility. 

2.  Next, we will schedule a telephone interview..

3.. You will then have a final interview with the Managing Partner.

4.  The PDP program requires 20-40 (paid) hours per week.

5.   The first 4 weeks are at 20-25 hours per week.

6.   Following graduation, managers will be assigned a team to manage..

PLEASE COMPLETE - CSR Online Application:


INSURANCE - Customer Service Rep


Work in a local office and learn the ins and outs of marketing and writing a full line of insurance products.  Learn various marketing, sales and advertising strategies.  Learn our sales process, master your role within the team.  Work closely with sales team members and help to facility high volume of sales.

We will train you to be the best.  Initially, complete our program.  

1.  BASIC MARKETING                   (30 Days)      

2.  ADVANCED MARKETING          (90 Days)



-Have high school diploma or GED.

-Some sales experience.

-Have a strong desire to desire to succeed.

-Must be a team player.

-Be a good communicator

-Be able to pass a background check.


Starting pay is $9 per hour during training.

Rapid advancement opportunities.

Advancement to upper management goes through this position.


Payroll every Tuesday via paper or direct deposit..  W2 employee status for day 1.  Benefits (on full-time) after 60 days.  Life / Health / Dental / Disability / Retirement.